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The Group


Philipp Kümpers M.D. - group leader  

Philipp was born in Steinfurt and graduated from highschool with abitur in 1997.

He went to medical school at Wilhems University of Münster (1997-2004) where he did his thesis work on collagen pathobiology in an experimental rabbit model. He finished medical school in Hannover at Hannover Medical School (2004-2005), where he started a residency in Nephrology.

He founded the group in March 2007 together with Julian Hellpap, Rüdiger Horn, and Hermann Haller.

Research focus: Endothelial activation in Critical Care Nephrology, and Rheumatology.


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Sascha David M.D. – group leader

Sascha was born in the Saarland and graduated in 2006 from the Ruberto-Carola-University Medical School of Heidelberg, Germany.

Aside from his home university, he received a part of his Medical School training in Valencia (Spain), Stellenbosch (South Africa), and Homburg / Saar (Germany).

He did his doctoral thesis in heidelberg on fluorescence laporoscopy for early detection of peritoneal carcinosis (2004-2006). Research focus: Endothelial activation in Critical Care Nephrology, Hemodialysis, and Atherosclerosis.


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Hermann Haller M.D.  -Chair of Nephrology

After a postdoctoral research fellowship at Yale University, he became vice-chair of nephrology at the Franz-Volhard-Hospital (Humboldt-University ) and coordinator for the hypertension research area at Max-Delbrück Center (MDC), Berlin-Buch in 1992/1993. 

He left Berlin to become Chair of Nephrology at Hannover Medical School in 1999.

Prof. Haller is a founder, sponsor, and mentor of the group.

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Department of Nephrology, Medical School Hannover


Julian Hellpap - medical student

Julian was born in Gießen. He started at Hannover Medical School in autumn 2004.

He ‘co-founded’ the group in March 2007 and his thesis work relates to the role of Ang-2 in endothelial inflammation in ANCA-associated vasculitis and SLE.



Alexander Lukasz – medical student

Alex is from Osnabrück and graduated from Carolinum Osnabrück in 2004.

Since autumn 2004 he is enrolled at Hannover Medical School. He joined the group in September 2007 to do his experimental thesis. His research interest is the predictive role of circulating angiopoietins in critically illness, human endotoxemia, and acute renal failure.



Rüdiger Horn-Wichmann – research technician

Rüdiger is an experienced research technician in state of the art endocrinology and has a profound expertise in the design of various assay systems.

He is working at the Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Endocrinology at Hannover Medical School. He is also a founding member of the group.